Santa Fe is so (color)full of life

If you ever get the chance to visit New Mexico, be sure to stop by Santa Fe. When I visited, I stayed in Old Town Santa Fe. The town has an abundance of colors, a Native American vibe, and beautiful artwork all around. There are random sculptures wherever you walk and the buildings themselves are built beautifully with traditional Pueblo and Spanish architecture. Here is a little peek into the lively city of Santa Fe.

Columns lining the building of the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts


Metal horse sculpture that can be found on Canyon Road



Sculpture outside of Museum of Contemporary Native Arts
Traditional Pueblo and Spanish architecture



One thought on “Santa Fe is so (color)full of life

  1. Nice! Whaty struck me in Santa Fé was not only the (sometimes mock) adobe buidlings but also the Spanish, European narrowness and scale of the city and it’s streets. I’m a sucker for wild west romanticism, so seeing the place where the big cattle trails ended (and the cows were further transported to the northen industrial cites by train), was heartwarming for me. Cool pictures you made!


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